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WebPort Global (WPG) is a wholly owned subsidiary of The Drew Company, a privately held, Boston-based holding and investment company founded in 1982 by John Drew, current president of the World Trade Centers Association.nalysing the impact on operations in financial services.



Best known for its deep experience in real estate development, management and consulting, the Drew Company currently oversees a broad range of ventures, spanning World Trade Centers, real estate, hospitality and  technology.

Brexit Competence

WebPort Global’s core expertise is helping firms excel at international trade. In particular, WebPort Global will help firms address their Brexit exposure to either the UK and EU markets by assisting them to effectively:

  • Enter new international markets to sell their products and services
  • Source alternative international suppliers
  • Assess the impact of Brexit across their international customer and supplier base
  • Acquire new international partners and collaboration opportunities
  • Create new service propositions particularly for SMEs
  • Expand global networks. 

Brexit Benefits

WPG provides SMEs with:

  • A digital site where they can learn about trade and connect to peers and potential customers across the globe
  • A data analytics capability that allows firms to directly interrogate the world’s largest trade databases for new post Brexit sales opportunities
  • A concierge service where trade advisors will proactively support firms to define and execute their international growth and Brexit strategies.

WPG has developed a 'white labelled' version of their platform which is being used by financial services firms, trade agencies and major corporations which enables these organisations to:

  • Differentiate their core proposition amongst the SME market as a value added partner
  • Acquire new SME customers both domestically and internationally
  • Improve relationship management, marketing and business development capability and productivity
  • Reduce the risk exposure of their SME customer base to Brexit
  • Create new sources of services revenue and improve the cross selling of core propositions
  • Leverage the investment in digital, data and analytics made by WPG in a solution which is rapidly deployable irrespective of existing infrastructure constraints.