target clients: governments, industry trade bodies & commercial firms

service overview

We are typically asked to provide economic, political, industry and regional analysis in addition to competitive intelligence. As such, we regularly provide tailored briefings and reports for governments, industry trade bodies and commercial firms on Brexit. We also prepare our clients to speak at industry and corporate events, prepare for meetings with policy makers and industry analysts.

Many organisations are also interested in what other firms are doing to prepare for Brexit. Very often, we provide a series of briefings to clients during all stages of their Brexit transition.

We have also developed a series of Brexit technical papers to enable clients understand the legal issues, options and implications for the financial services sector in particular.

These currently include:

  • Implications of the UK leaving the EU;
  • EU, UK and Irish policy, legal frameworks and official briefings;
  • Passporting;
  • Equivalence;
  • Impact on cross border financial contracts;
  • Trade implications;
  • The UK Repeal Act.

The case studies below outline some of our experiences in providing Brexit briefings for our clients.

Case Study: Global Trade Facilitation Organisation

We are currently working with a global organisation, their government, trade agency and other partners to prepare both physical and virtual briefings for their member organisations around the world. As part of our work, we are also preparing podcasts, case studies, surveys, tools and methodologies as part of our client’s toolkit proposition.

Case Study: Family Office

We undertook a one day briefing on the political, economic, business and social implications of Brexit for the board and executive team of one of Europe’s largest family offices. The briefing took the form of a customised working session and facilitated the development of a series of prioritised objectives and actions for their UK and European businesses.

Case Study: Industry Trade Association

We are currently in the process of planning a two day Brexit summit in London for a major industry trade body. The objective is to highlight the opportunities which Brexit will present for the industry. Speakers at the event will include senior Government Ministers, Industry leaders, representatives from legal firms, supervisory bodies, trade agencies and Brexit Partnership’s experts.

Case Study: International Trade & Governmental Bodies

We currently provide  monthly expert briefings on political developments and the likely economic, industry, commercial and trade implications.