SOLUXR is a privately owned firm based in Dublin, Ireland. The SOLUXR team comprises of vast experience in the private consultancy sector with specialist skills in Risk Management, Quality Control, Data Analysis and Software Development.


SOLUXR operates from Dublin but has multiple Channel Partners based in London, Chicago, Melbourne and Bangalore.

Brexit Competence

SOLUXR’s core expertise is the creation of an Enterprise SaaS tool which aggregates data from any point within an organisation. The key to it’s success is the ability to dynamically report and portray critical information gathered from front-line decision makers. In particular, SOLUXR’s Brexit Solution will help firms address their Brexit exposure to either the UK and EU markets by assisting them to effectively:

  • Ability to enter into new markets, through data analysis methodologies
  • Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) throughout the entire organisation
  • Assess the impact of Brexit across their international customer and supplier base
  • Acquire new international partners and collaboration opportunities
  • Create new service propositions particularly for SMEs
  • Leverage their existing network which may be an untapped resource

Brexit Strategy Tools

SOLUXR provides businesses with:

  • A SaaS solution which can be deployed in any market or geography;

  • A data analytics tool to gather as much critical information from C-Suite, the Board and front-line decision makers;

  • Reporting metrics which give real-time information which can be used for Bow-tie Analysis, Bayesian Method or Dynamic SWOTs.


SOLUXR uses an existing platform to deliver its product which can slot seamlessly into existing processes and procedures. SOLUXR provides on-site training and 24/7 support to allow these organisations to:

  • Gather key facts about their Brexit planning and strategic alignment;
  • Expand across all levels of the organisation to gain a holistic approach;
  • Conform with formatted questions and answers to reduce any ambiguity around interpretation;
  • Identify and plan to minimize or remove Risk across every point in the organisation;
  • Create new sources of services revenue and improve the cross selling of core propositions;
  • Leverage the investment in digital, data and analytics made by WPG in a solution which is rapidly deployable irrespective of existing infrastructure constraints.