Target clients: Commercial firms

Service overview

  • Provision of a team of experienced executives who have been responsible for leading organisations through periods of major turmoil and change.
  • Provision of industry experts with deep experience in strategy execution.
  • Brexit strategies mapped, planned, aligned, distributed, tracked and managed through a bespoke Strategy Execution product solution.


Case Study: Global Trade Facilitation Organisation

Developing a Brexit proposition which will enable them grow their membership, develop new revenue streams and attract new financial services channel partners. 

Work involves:

  1. Identifying and qualifying white label financial services partners whose customers are majorly impacted by Brexit;
  2. Developing value adding Brexit services; 
  3. Supporting the development of new partnerships; 
  4. Supporting client develop its profile amongst policy makers, industry trade bodies and other stakeholders. 

Case Study: Commercial Lending Organisation

Developed market entry plan for the Irish market.

Work includes:

  1. Overseeing market entry strategy;
  2. Stakeholder management including managing regulatiry, governemnt, state agency, political and media relations;
  3. Management of selection of key local service providers.

Target clients: Commercial firms & industry bodies, Government Departments & Agencies


Service Overview

  • Address resource or capacity constraints and provide - on a part time or interim basis - a Brexit Programme Leader or Brexit Programme Mentor. 

  • Rapidly mobilise Brexit programme or support needs with a short term injection of expertise.


Case Study: Government Department

Currently provide a part time mentor to the programme team responsible for setting government policy and negotiating position on Brexit.

Case Study: UK Specialist Trade Finance Firm

Currently provide the board and leadership team of a UK client with Brexit advice and support on a weekly basis.

The work includes:

  1. Support with the firm’s Brexit strategy;
  2. Impact assessment;
  3. Execution options;
  4. Business case and implementation plans.

International Trade

Target clients: Commercial firms, Government Departments & Agencies


Service Overview

  • We support manufacturing and services firms to enter new markets and source new suppliers and partners internationally.

  • We conduct market analysis and facilitate introductions to potential opportunities.

  • We provide access to WebPort Global - a comprehensive trade platform - - which includes best practice trade tools, collaboration tools, a global online market place, a global network of trade experts, a comprehensive up-to-date repository of global trade information and a telephone-based premium concierge service.
  • Access to international facilities and local trade support services through the World Trade Centres Associations.

Case Studies

  • Industry specific examples of manufacturing and services companies
  • Trade organisations, World Trade Centres and Financial Services organisations who have white labelled our services for the benefit of their customers and to generate new income streams

Crisis Management

Target clients: Commercial firms, Government Departments & Agencies


Service overview

  • We help clients prepare for potential cliff edge issues resulting from a hard Brexit or 'no deal' situation. Brexit has the potential to threaten customer relationships, major contracts, enterprise value, reputation or business continuity. Each engagement begins with a disciplined discovery process to identify preparedness gaps and apply best practices and Brexit insights. 

  • Our crisis management services include:

  1. Crisis simulation where we stress-test crisis response plans in a simulated environment to evaluate crisis preparedness;

  2. Real-time response where we deploy rapid-action teams with demonstrated crisis management experience;

  3. On-going monitoring of relevant sources of data for potential business disruptions and to follow post-crisis developments;

  4. Crisis communications during the time of crisis to manage the inflow and outflow of pertinent details to all stakeholders and control messages thereby protecting a client’s reputation. 

  • Risk management solution incorporated into our Strategy Execution product solution.


Case Study: A Technology Firm & Specialist Outsourcer

We have developed a crisis management plan to help them address the contingency of a 'no deal' scenario.