Shapecast was founded in 2010 as a specialist business/ IT change consultancy which focussed on defining and leading complex change in mid-large organisations following years of experience in Tesco and Thomson Reuters.


Shapecast have developed a unique, highly effective data-driven change methodology called Transformation Science™. This enables them to analyse, model and process complex change across organisations in great detail. In 2016, they developed a unique analytics platform solution which supports organisational change from strategy, organisation change to IT systems.

They now combine both the analytics capability and professional services as a holistic solution which allows our clients to get the best results and to plan and execute change quickly and cost-effectively.

Brexit Competence

Brexit is one of the most significant forces driving transformation which affects all organisations and markets. 

  • Shapecast have years experience in driving major business and IT strategic change in organisations
  • Shapecast focuses on helping clients to align Brexit strategy execution, operating model and digital IT architecture to create reliable and predictable business outcomes
  • Their value proposition is ensuring there is no wasted spend on any strategic activity that is not aligned to the overall vision and objectives of an organisation through detailed analytics and data-driven insight

Solution Profile

Shapecast provide a strategy execution solution which combines a powerful, cloud-based platform with supporting professional services to enable leaders to map and plan their complete Brexit strategy to delivery plans.

The solution analyses objectives, performance metrics and existing delivery portfolios across the whole organisation to assess the degree to which the objectives of Brexit / wider strategy are actually supported by the delivery portfolio.

It rapidly identify gaps and problems where execution is not aligned to outcomes and ensure that objectives are fully and traceably linked to all activity.

All information, analytics and insight are provided through rich, easy to use cloud solution which is supported by our ongoing service offering.

Brexit Benefits

  • Provides assurance that Brexit opportunities and objectives can be fully executed
  • Enables modelling and planning of Brexit strategies before investing in expensive delivery
  • Enables complete traceability from strategic objectives to lowest level of delivery
  • Provides a single, integrated view of risks & issues across the organisation
  • Provides analytical insight as to what is going wrong and what actions need to be taken to resolve execution problems
  • Reduces time to identify execution problems
  • Enables complete planning assurance that strategic objectives map to execution activity
  • Has rich mobile versions enabling 24x7 access from any location on any device