Brexit Impact Assessment

Target clients: Commercial firms

Service overview

  • Enables our clients to understand the consequences of Brexit for their business and determine continuity requirements around risks, new business opportunities and priorities.
  • Assessment typically includes impact on:
  1. Customers, supply chain and overall ecosystem;
  2. Staff, business processes, facilities, technology and other critical resources;
  3. Statutory duties or regulatory requirements;
  4. Reputation;
  5. Financial viability;
  6. Deterioration of product or service or service quality;
  7. Intellectual property, knowledge and data;
  8. Stakeholder confidence and goodwill;
  9. Political interest and comment.


Case Study: Private Bank

We undertook a preliminary Brexit impact assessment for a European Private Bank which was required to complete Brexit returns for both the PRA and latterly the  bank’s national regulator.

The impact assessment was undertaken using a combination of questionnaires, interviews and workshops.

The nature of the assessment was primarily risk driven given the required nature of the supervisory returns.   

Brexit Strategy

Target clients: Commercial firms & industry bodies

Service Overview

  • Developing a strategic and business model response to Brexit;
  • Linking and aligning Brexit strategies with business-as-usual ('BAU') objectives and roll them up into the over arching business vision;
  • Deployment of a Strategy Execution product-led solution to track, manage and execute all strategic activity.


Case Study: Specialist Financial Services Outsourcer

Assessing the impact of Brexit on their customer base and help them to develop a strategy to increase revenue by a minimum of 100% through offering tailored Brexit propositions to their target market.

Work involved:

  1. Briefing the board and executive team on the key implications of Brexit for the financial services sector and their specific customer segments;
  2. Developing a new post-Brexit strategy particularly focusing on new target markets, partnerships, competencies and customer propositions;
  3. Assessing the implications and opportunities for their existing UK business;
  4. Meeting with current and potential customers across the UK and EEA to validate the strategy and promote the client’s brand as a viable Brexit service provider.

Case Study: Industry Trade Body

Developed their industry strategy for Brexit.

We continue to prepare briefings on political, economic and industry developments and support engagement with overseas opportunities.

Location Strategy

Target clients: Commercial firms

Service Overview

  • Support from a team of experienced executives who have previously established European and Global Head Quarter functions in new jurisdictions. Service addresses major issues required in establishing a new country location.

  • Scope includes:

    1. Location benefits and risk assessment;

    2. Company structure and board appointments;

    3. Regulatory considerations, authorisations and strategic portfolio transfer;

    4. Infrastructure considerations;

    5. Finance and funding including access to state grants and other supports;

    6. Stakeholder management and public relations;

    7. Distribution agreements;

    8. Partnering agreements;

    9. Tax compliance;

    10. Merger and acquisition opportunities;

    11. Issuing and managing RFP/RFTs for local support.


Case Study: US Insurance Firm

Reviewing options for the UK and European markets post-Brexit.

Work involves:

  • Reassessing their overall European strategy including product offerings, distribution channels and partnering options;
  • Redesign of their business model;
  • Developing a 'short list' of European HQ location options and assessment criteria.
  • Country visits and meeting with key local stakeholders.

Business & Operating Model Design

Target clients: Commercial firms, Government Departments & Agencies


Service overview

  • We help businesses gain competitive advantage and respond to the disruptive nature of Brexit.
  • We help firms develop innovative designs for both their business and operating models.
  • We also provide continuous integration, validation & verification as firms are challenged with designing and implementing their responses to Brexit concurrently. This loop of continuous assessment and improvement provides an enhanced capability, resulting in more effective and efficient testing, quality assurance and execution.

Case Study: UK Bank

Advised on the divestment of a retail branch portfolio and the design and implementation of a target operating model for the new bank. This included the ongoing monitoring and control of the business through the period of implementation.

Case Study: Global Bank

Advised on the creation and delivery of a - geographically dispersed - pan European & UK business and operating model in advance of Brexit.

We also managed the creation of a quality management and testing facility to control the release and implementation of new systems, processes, facilities and regulatory authorisations across the region.