RMI is the leading Outsourced Strategic Risk & Security Management consultancy in Ireland. We provide a range of risk management, investigative, security & contingency planning services both at home and abroad enabling us to understand our clients' risk management needs while protecting people, assets, reputations & businesses, large & small. 



We specialise in the following areas:


  • Corporate Due Diligence & Corporate Investigations – merger/acquisition/disposals/asset search & validation/Incident Reviews, Litigation Support, & Digital/Cyber reviews
  • Personnel vetting – pre and post-employment, suppliers, customers, assets & activities


  • Threat Analysis & Risk Assessment including, Business & Key management Security Planning & Programme Management, Security Awareness Training and Travel Risk Programmes

  • Business Continuity Planning & Testing along with Supply chain risk analysis, Crisis Preparation, Scenario Planning, Crisis & Crisis Management Workshops & staff training

Protection & Response

  • Security Design including, Corporate and Private security reviews, Intrusion Testing (physical and electronic security) Critical Infrastructure Protection & Project Management

  • Security Management including, Supply Chain Integrity, Executive & Close Protection Technical Security Countermeasures including de-bugging and the development of Policies/Procedures/Risk Registers

  • Crisis Response to Security threats and incidents and 24-Hour Emergency Response hotline