Target clients: Commercial firms


Service Overview

  • High-level definition of Brexit impacts, strategy, business case & programme requirements.
  • Enables a client quickly 'kick-start' its Brexit programme and provides focus on key issues which are either or both business and time critical.
  • Typically undertaken within a four week period and used as a precursor to mobilising a more comprehensive Brexit programme.

Case Study: International Services Company

  1. Brexit Partners ran a series of executive briefings to help the organisation understand the implications of Brexit on their industry and markets.
  2. Following this we ran a series of short strategy workshops to help the organisation assess the impact of likely Brexit scenarios on their strategy and business model.
  3. We then defined a series of high-level strategic recommendations together with a business case and implementation approach.
  4. Following broad acceptance of our assessment we arranged for our client to test our recommendations with various external stakeholders to confirm their validity.
  5. Following stakeholder feedback we confirmed the scope of the programme, critical recommendations, risks, opportunities and next steps.

Case Study: International Pharmaceutical Firm

Brexit Partners is currently helping this firm re-evaluate its previous Brexit assessment in light of a 'no deal' or hard Brexit scenario. Much of this work looks at the opportunities presented by Brexit for the firm.


Target clients: Commercial firms & State Agencies


Service Overview

  • Purpose of our review is to increase the probability of your Brexit programme's success.

  • The key objectives of assurance are to:

  1. Ensure that sufficient analysis has been completed and appropriate options developed;

  2. Enable identification and resolution of issues at the earliest time, lowest work level and lowest cost;

  3. Support business decisions;

  4. Control risk.


Case Study: European Regulators

Moderated a group of financial services regulators undertaking horizon scanning of the key issues facing the financial services sector globally.

A major portion of the work involved reviewing sample Brexit plans for both regulators and supervised firms. 

Brexit Programme Management

Target clients: Commercial firms, Governments & Agencies


Service overview

  • Brexit PMO: The BPMO provides the intelligence, rigour and 'heartbeat' to structure the portfolio in the optimum manner to deliver strategic change.
  • Programme Planning: Our rigorous ‘planning engine’ provides a single version of the truth and gives robust MI to support delivery and provide stakeholder confidence.

  • Project & Programme Delivery: A delivery approach heavily differentiated by our consultants' capabilities. A 'been there and done it' proven delivery of business critical programmes through our Strategy Execution tooling.
  • Capacity Based Planning: Analysing the capacity of the organisation and its systems is a crucial step in preparing for the Brexit Change Programme.
  • Portfolio Optimisation: Our bespoke approach provides focus, direction and a step-by-step method to drive value from an organisation’s investment budget.
  • Benefits Management: This loop of continuous assessment and improvement provides an enhanced capability, resulting in more and efficient testing and QA.


Case Study: Retail, Government & Financial Services

Many examples across all aspects of these disciplines.

Brexit Change Management

Target clients: Commercial firms, Government Departments & Agencies


Service overview

  • Change Viability and Capacity: Evaluating the status of change in the organisation, the readiness for change and creating a blueprint for how change can be achieved across the organisation is essential.

  • Change Capability Development: The successful delivery of change is dependent on the capability of people, to manage and accept that change. It is critical to understand the current capability and then prepare to address any gaps as part of the overall plan.

  • Change Readiness and Adoption: It is important to ensure the plans for managing change remain effective and relevant, before any change is implemented a readiness assessment is recommend but, just as important, is to have a plan for adoption - the sooner this is achieved - the quicker the benefits will be realised.


Case Study: Challenger Bank

Establishing a Brexit change function, setting the strategy and creating the structure to enable the delivery of programmes across the business.

Cash Study: Financial Services & Travel

Undertook a maturity assessment of the change environment and created a roadmap for improvements during Brexit transition.