Chris Brannigan



Chris is a proven senior executive with 30 years’ experience of leadership, strategy and operational planning in political, military and commercial environments. As the previous Director of Government Relations to the British Prime Minister, he led one of the key directorates at No 10 Downing Street, working in close alignment with both the No 10 Policy Unit and the Communications Directorate. Through this close collaboration, he presented clear, coherent narratives at the centre of national decision making.

As the Prime Minister’s relationship director with leading businesses and trade bodies he drew upon an extensive network of politically attuned stakeholders to deliver effective solutions to policy objectives. Exposed to the inner workings of government, he has experience of working in high pressure and time critical environments, with a proven ability to step back and keep the strategic goal in focus while managing operational decisions.

Chris provides a deep and unique understanding of the political processes surrounding BREXIT. He specialises in the political deconstruction of a situation and in his interpretation of the factors influencing UK government policy. He provides insight, analysis and interpretation to decision makers.