Brian Harte




Brian, with over 30 years senior management experience in the wider banking sector, has extensive practical knowledge of compliance, EU directives and regulations.

He has been Managing Director and Head of Compliance with Royal Bank of Canada (RBC), Barclays Bank plc., and JP Morgan Chase in EMEA, Caribbean and Asia Pacific Regions which, collectively,  covered a very broad range of financial services including Retail, Business/Commercial & Investment Banking, Wealth Management, Insurance and Asset Management businesses.

Brian was also a Board member of Chase Investment Bank Ltd. and Chase Manhattan plc as well as a number of other Chase subsidiaries and was responsible for managing the Regulatory Compliance function globally for the whole of the Barclays Group,

At the end of 2012 Brian left RBC to develop an independent advisory consultancy practice and began an arrangement with the Berkley Research Group (BRG), a US consultancy practice, in order to help them develop their International Financial Services Regulatory Practice in Europe and Asia Pacific.