TARGET CLIENTS: Commercial firms & Industry Bodies

service overview

Using a process based on a series of executive workshops, our Brexit strategy focuses on developing a strategic and business model response to Brexit.

We utilise our proven Business Impact Assessment ('BIA') methodologies to identify the business impacts as well as assessing Brexit in the context of other industry change drivers.

The case studies below provide some examples of our work to date.

Case Study: Specialist Financial Services Outsourcer

We are currently working with a global outsourcer to assess the impact of Brexit on their customer base and to help them develop a strategy to increase revenue by a minimum of 100% through offering tailored Brexit propositions to their target market. Our work involves:

  • Briefing the board and executive team on the key implications of Brexit for the financial services sector and their specific customer segments. This includes political, national policies, regulatory, structural, competition, financial markets and implications for other strategic change drivers;
  • Working with management to develop a new post Brexit strategy particularly focussing on new target markets, partnerships, competencies and customer propositions;
  • Working with management to assess the implications and opportunities for their existing UK business;
  • Meeting with current and potential customers across the UK and EEA to validate the strategy and promote our client’s brand as a viable Brexit service provider.

Case Study: Industry Trade Body

We worked with the executive team and industry CEOs of a major financial services industry trade body to develop their corporate strategy. As part of this work we:

  • Developed the industry’s overall Brexit strategy;
  • Developed specific recommendations on establishing their Brexit Centre of Excellence, stakeholder engagement process, overseas strategy and Brexit methodology;
  • We continue to prepare briefings on political, economic and industry developments and support engagement with overseas opportunities.