target client: commercial firms

service overview

Wehave a team of experienced executives who have been responsible for leading organisations through periods of major turmoil and change and who have deep experience in strategy execution.

We work closely with the executive teams at our client organisations to support them throughout the strategy execution process as required.

Case Study: Global Trade Facilitation Organisation

We are currently working the organisation to develop a Brexit proposition which will enable them grow their membership, develop new revenue streams and attract new financial services channel partners. This work involves:

  • Identifying and qualifying white label financial services partners whose customers are majorly impacted by Brexit;
  • Developing value adding Brexit services for their partners including risk assessment, market analytics, trade tools and services;
  • Supporting the development of new partnerships;
  • Supporting the organisation develop its profile amongst policy makers, industry trade bodies and other stakeholders.

Case Study: Irish Market Entry

We are currently helping a financial services organisation plan its entry into the Irish market as part of its strategic response to Brexit. Our work involves:

  • Stakeholder management including establishing and managing regulatory, government, state agency, political and media relations;
  • Management of selection of key local services providers including legal, audit, tax, banking, insurance, recruitment, marketing, technology and facilities;
  • Overseeing the identification and selection of local non-executive board members;
  • Definition of key management positions and overseeing their appointment;
  • Assessment of market entry strategies and options;
  • Identification and development of key local distribution partnerships;
  • Design of business and operating model for the Irish market;
  • Impact assessment of Irish based HQ on existing European operations.