UK's negotiating stance may delay Brexit negotiations for up to a year.

There is an interesting article in today's Guardian which suggests that the UK Government's desire to discuss a free trade deal before the issues of Brexit are agreed would require new negotiation guideline to be drawn up for Michel Barnier. This could take significant time and further delay an already ambitious timescale (given the disarray the UK Government is already in over Brexit).

The Guardian states "in a sign of growing impatience with the shambolic state of the British side of the talks, senior EU sources said that if London insisted on talking about a free trade deal before the issues of its divorce bill, citizens rights and the border in Ireland were sufficiently resolved, it would be met with a blunt response."

"The EU’s 27 leaders formally agreed to give Barnier a narrow set of tasks at a summit in April and they have no intention of rethinking the so-called phased approach when they meet May at a European summit on 22-23 June."

"Formal Brexit talks are due to begin on 19 June, the same day as the Queen’s speech, at which point it will be known whether May has secured the support of a majority of MPs for her policy agenda."

Dr. Ray NultyComment