British Prime Minister appeals for a “new dynamic” for Brexit deal.

Theresa May has called for a “new dynamic” for a Brexit deal at a dinner with EU leaders on Thursday night.  Mrs May was forthright in her appeal for help from EU leaders to deliver a deal that is acceptable to the British public. "There is increasingly a sense that we must work together to get to an outcome we can stand behind and defend to our people," she said.

Calling for "joint effort and endeavour" to add impetus into the talks process, she told them: "The clear and urgent imperative must be that the dynamic you create enables us to move forward together." According to the Daily Telegraph, the German Chancellor Angela Merkel spoke more positively about Brexit negotiations saying “We are going to achieve a good result, there will be a good outcome” and that she has "no doubt" a Brexit deal will be secured. However, she said that there has not yet been sufficient progress to begin the next stage of Brexit talks.

Angela Merkel said she is in “permanent conversation” with the British Prime Minister. She said: "We all know the end date o the negotiations, bu want some clear arrangements, not some kind of unpredictable solution and we are working hard to achieve that.”

This morning on BBC’s Today Progamme, Hubertus Vaeth, the managing director of Frankfurt Main Finance, said “We have been maintaining that all along that we should not do damage to London as a financial centre. We think that this eco system is very unique and benefits the whole of EU. That’s why we think let’s build a new London Bridge into the eurozone and concentrate on how to build a new eco-structure that would, of course have some jobs moving to Frankfurt, but at the same time, keep the key role that London has.”

John BriertyComment